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We are a team of people originating in various countries such as Spain, Holland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
During the intensive weeks in summer, the team is supported by enthusiastic and versatile volunteers helping to get all the tasks finished in time for the Eurythmy in Progress Camp.

Bart-Jeroen Kool

Born in Den Haag in the Netherlands. After his degree in pedagogy he studied eurythmy at the "Eurithmie Academie" in Den Haag. After this, teaching eurythmy in Zeist and directing the „Dutch-Eurythmy-Ensemble“. From 2006 onwards, professor at Euritmie Academie Hogeschool, Leiden. Since 2012 he is professor for eurythmy at the „Alanus Hochschule Alfter“.
Bart-Jeroen did many solo performances and made his appearances in several international eurythmy ensembles. Since 2009 he also works as freelance choreographer on international projects: „Frau Holle“ 2010, „Zwiesprache“ 2012, „Aufheben“ 2012, „Fünf mal Ich“ 2013. Bart-Jeroen is married to Edwige, is the father of three children and stepfather of two. They all live happily together in Holland.

Rob Barendsma

Born near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Started at a very young age to study music at the “Music-Lyceum” in Amsterdam and modern dance at the conservatory in Rotterdam.
At the age of 21 he moved to Berlin to study musical therapy and eurythmy. Rob works as instructor in eurythmy trainings in Berlin, Hamburg and Alfter for many years. He is always involved in different projects literally everywhere. Since the late eighties he also works as freelance choreographer and costume designer for theater, musicals and television, as well as shows and parades for adventure parks all over the world. During the past two and a half years, Rob was responsible for the costume design and several choreographies in the new production of Faust I and II at the Goetheanum, Dornach. Rob has lived in Spain for 16 years.

Florian Volkmann

Was born in Munich and studied at the „Scuola Teatro Dimitri“ in Verscio, percussion and singing in Luzern. Subsequently, he absolved a master degree program in composition at the University of Arts in Bern. Since then he appeared as a musician in many national and international productions. He writes and composes and takes over the musical direction for numerous ensembles worldwide. His work has led him, among others, to Africa, China, Ukraine, Greece and Lebanon.

As a cross-border commuter of the arts, Florian moves on the degree of interdisciplinary, always enriching an art form. His repertoire stretches from traditional production to avant-garde stages. He is the winner of several international competitions.

Thomas Feyerabend

Studied eurythmy at the Alanus Hochschule Alfter. Since 2009 working in various productions as musician and dancer, since 2015 as eurythmist and assistant director in Germany and abroad. Since 2015 he is a permanent member in „Eurythmietheater Orval“ („Meluna, die kleine Meerjungfrau" and “Der Kleine Muck”). He is one of the members in a eurythmy production launched by the „Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen“. He lives in Wuppertal.

Anna van Aalst

Eurythmy studies at the “Alanus University of Art and Social Sciences”, Alfter (BA 2016). Student for Postindustrial Design at the “Fachschule Nordwestschweiz” (CH). Working in sports facilities of the “Jugendrotkreuz Basel”. She is doing eurythmy classes for seniors.

Friederike Heine

"Wo sind Geist und Materie so nah beieinander, wie in Bewegung!?"

Born and spent her formative years in Rostock/Lübeck, she then lived in Vancouver / Canada, for a year, where she worked on eurythmy projects with teenagers and adults. From 2010 till 2014 she studied at the „Alanus Hochschule Alfter“ and finished with a Bachelor of Arts in eurythmy. Aside from her studies, she accumulated a lot of knowledge in stage eurythmy and has also taken up contemporary dance. Since 2015 she is a permanent member of „Kompanie Vonnunan“ (Vienna), which gives her the opportunity to perform eurythmy on national and international stages regularly. She lives and works in Vienna and Berlin as an independent artist in various fields such as a eurythmy- and dance pedagogy, choreographer and dancer.

Ilmarin Fradley

Born in England but grew up in Switzerland. Former Waldorfschool student. For a long time co-organizer as well as technician for numerous theater- and youth projects. He worked for one year as a technician in the new production of Faust 1 and 2 at the Goetheanum Dornach. Also he works in various theaters around Basel. He is also self employed and has worked on projects in film, photography, video live stream and broadcasting.

Edwin Kobbé

Involved with the performing arts in England since he was born, the stage is where he feels at home. Originally trained as a cellist and pianist in London, he later moved on to study Eurythmy, doing various stage projects until invited to join the Goetheanum Eurythmy Ensemble in 2011. Having worked there for the past 6 years, he has gained a wide experience of performing as well as coaching colleagues in various small as well as symphonic-scale music, speech and silent-movement choreographies. Developed various choreographies for the stage as well as for Eurythmy lay groups. He has also explored some of the principles of eurythmical improvisation with a group of colleagues. Having performed an all-eurythmical version of Henrik Ibsens Peer Gynt drama in 2014, he very much looks forward to working on an all-musical version this Summer.

EvaMaria Koch

Was born in Halle / Saale, Germany. She lives in Vienna and Munich. She studied eurythmie at the “Alanus Hochschule Alfter”, graduated with the Master of Arts “Eurythmie in Schule und Gesellschaft”. After a one year study at the Tamalpa Institute in San Francisco, she is teacher training graduate of Life /Art Process. Since 2014 she is a permanent member of „Kompanie Vonnunan“ (Vienna). She performs, gives workshops and is engaged in various projects regularly. Since 2016 she is, next to her work as a independent artist, eurythmie teacher at a waldorfschool close to Munich.

Lina Baimler

Born and raised in Kasachstan. Aged 10 she moved to Germany and went to a middle school and then thewaldorfschool at the Bodensee. With her degree (Abitur) she did internships in the field of fashion and design at the AMD in Munich and then went back to expressionist dance. At the Alanus Hochschule she studied eurythmy and finished with the pedagogical diploma and the Master of Arts in eurythmy-therapy (2011). After one year of stage experience she went to the Ukraine for training and therapeutic activities. After leaving the Ukraine she worked as a therapist in Germany lived as an artist in England and was active in two ensembles simultaneously (EN, FR). After two intensive touring years she got in to the “Faust” project in Dornach (CH). Since 2016 she works as a teacher at the “Freie Waldorfschule Bonn” and does the Master of Arts in stage eurythmy.

Ulrike Dohs

Studied eurythmie at the Alanus Hochschule in Alfter, where she has been working as student assistant for eurythmie-related research and office-duties for five years (and counting). After achieving her Bachelor degree in 2014 she continued studying part-time to upgrade to the Master of Arts in eurythmy as education and as a social art. Since 2014 she has also been working as a self-employed eurythmist with groups of all ages, including kindergarden- and school classes, business people, seniors and students of eurythmie. As part of the "ZwischenZeit"-Ensemble she concomitantly practices eurythmie on stage. Lastly, she works as an assistant for two bookpublishers regarding historical and contemporary research of eurythmie.

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Our Vision

Life, energy, creativity, diversity, commonality and a meeting place for young adults of all nations.
A eurythmy framework in which young people from 16 to 23 years of age, from all linguistic and cultural backgrounds, cooperate together, whether familiar or unfamiliar with eurythmy.

The first EURYTHMY IN PROGRESS summer camp, begins 5th-27th of August 2017 at Alanus University Alfter, Germany.

Offering three intensive weeks full of eurythmy, movement, music, artistic collaboration and cultural cohesion.


Young talented eurythmists, who are dedicated and interested in creating choreographies with others will benefit from this project. They will work together with experienced colleagues to gain the opportunity for a professional start in their career. Thus enabling them to lead independently, artistically high-quality projects and initiatives.

We are excited by the interest many cultural centres have shown in our EURYTHMY IN PROGRESS project. We would very much like to develop this further and organise series of lasting eurythmy projects worldwide.

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Please be sure to have a parent sign the following pdf and bring it along when you come to the camp:
Parental Agreement Statement.pdf

And these are the house rules for this years camp in Alfter:
House Rules - Deutsch

Administration fee: 25 €
Attendance fee: 600 €

Bank Account Details:
Bank: VR- Bank Bonn
Bank Account Details
Alanus Forum e.V.
IBAN: DE50 3816 0220 0031 7580 17

Alfter 2017

Date: 5th - 27th of August, 2017
Place: Johannishof, Alanus University Alfter, Germany
Performance: 26th of August in a public theatre in Bonn, Germany.
Course fee: 600 € 550 € for the first 10 registrations!
Application fee: 25 €
Artistic work, food and housing is included.

A worldwide group of 50 young people. Age 16 - 23.

Rehearsing and performing an artistic eurythmy program.

Requirements for participation:
If you are interested in this art of dance expression you are warmly welcome. Experience with eurythmy is a plus, but not mandatory.
Languages: German or English.
Please note: if you are already studying eurythmy, please contact us as it may be interesting for you to become a volunteer.

• We will set up a fantastic little village of tipis and yurts for sleeping and a carnival yurt were we make music, talk and just feel good around the fire.
• Excellent canteen
• First aid maintenance and supervision during day and night.
• Want to bring your own tent? Please let us know so we can save you a nice spot.

Application is open until the 3rd of July, 2017.
Subscribe to our Facebook page and find us on Instagram to stay informed!
EURYTHMY IN PROGRESS is an independent youth project to experience the art of eurythmy. We give young adults from all over the world the opportunity to meet and focus on one single goal: to create an extraordinary experience by working artistically together - doing eurythmy.

„Peer Gynt“ Suite 1 & 2
This wonderful multi-coloured and pictorial suite by Edvard Grieg is the heart piece of our project. The composition entails everything we wish for; sometimes emotional and romantic, sometimes playful and energetic, then again surprising and wild. Working on this marvellous composition in an unique eurythmic way will be our special highlight.

„The Carnival of the Animals“
This composition will be utterly colourful! Every minute will be an adventure with the music of Camille Saint-Saëns and the humorous texts of Loriot! Here, you will be challenged for the ultimate in fantasy, dexterity, energy and gymnastics to put together an unforgettable eurythmy theatre on stage.

Making Music
What is hidden beyond the term "music"? Experience "instant composing", "body-percussion" and „sound experiments“ guided by motion- conduction. Sounds confusing? It isn’t.
…just be inspired.

Creating masks
With the super artistic volunteers who are really all-rounder, we will create flamboyant masks, hats, make-up and costumes for our performance.
Artistic atmosphere, wide view and close nature

The campus of the university is located at the edge of the Rhine river valley. When we crawl out of the tipis and yurts in the morning, we have a wonderful view over the valley to the Siebengebirge.
For the meals we go to the canteen at the Johannishof. The Johannishof is unique: the ‘Fachwerkhof‘ used to be a farm in former times. Today it houses the artistic areas of the “Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences”.
There are sunny places to relax and enjoy the view. If you are seeking for nature and peace, you can explore the green surroundings of the "Kottenforst" nature park for long walks. Would you like to sniff a little city air every now and then? Bonn and Cologne are not far. Falafel, ice cream parlors, shops and street artists await the curious.
Flugzeug / Airplane:
Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)
- weiter mit dem Zug von Flughafen Bahnhof, Düsseldorf nach Bonn Hbf.
Köln/Bonn Airport (CGN) - Schnellbus nach Bonn Hbf.
(Von hier aus siehe die Wegbeschreibung Zug/Bus!)

Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) – take the train at Flughafen Bahnhof, Düsseldorf to Bonn Hbf
Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) – take the express bus to Bonn Hbf.
(See section Train/Bus below for next step)

Zug/Bus – Train/Bus:
Fahre nach Bonn Hbf.
Nimm die Straßenbahn Linie 18 (U-Bahn im Bahnhof) Richtung Köln-Thielenbruch und steige nach 9 Minuten bei der Station Alfter / Alanus Hochschule aus.
Nimm den kleinen Bus 633 bis Lohheckenweg.
Gehe den Berg weiter rauf bis du auf der rechten Seite ein Schild siehst “Alanus Hochschule Johannishof“.
Nach 100 Metern stehst du dann bei uns vor der Türe.

Go to Bonn Hbf.
Take the tram number 18 (Underground in the Station) into the direction of Cologne and get off at Alfter / Alanus Hochschule after 9 minutes.
Take the small bus 633 to Lohheckenweg.
Walk up the hill until you see a sign on your right leading to"Alanus College Johannishof”. After 100 meters you will be at our door.

Auto / by Car:
Obwohl die Adresse Johannishof ist, gib in dein Navi besser Lohheckenweg ein und folge dann der Beschilderung.

If you use a navigation system enter Lohheckenweg rather than Johannishof and follow the signs.

Adresse / Address:
Johannishof 53347 Alfter,
It is happening now !

Something extraordinary is happening right now in Bonn…
20 young people from around the world (Armenia, France, Hungary, Italy, Egypt, Iceland, Switzerland and Germany) have gathered together for a largescale artistic festival with one purpose in mind: three weeks rehearsing 6 hours a day to turn 2 musical masterpieces - Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suites and Saint Saens Carnival of the Animals - into a ‘eurythmical’ performance for all to enjoy.

Working with a group of international ‘Eurythmy’ choreographers, the young people are transforming audible orhestral music into visible music or ‘Tone Eurythmy’.
‘Tone Eurythmy’ basically transforms the sounding melodies, rhythms and harmonies of the live chamber orchestra into dynamically flowing, silent geometrical forms, consisting of groups of people moving upon the stage with expressive gestures, clothed in colourful costumes and draped in translucent veils. The whole composition is richly animated in swathes of multi-coloured stage-lighting.

Come and enjoy this unique feast for the eyes and ears in Bad Godesberg on Saturday.

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Bank: VR- Bank Bonn
Bank Account Details
Alanus Forum e.V.
IBAN: DE50 3816 0220 0031 7580 17


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